Progressive Ladies Club (PLC)

The Progressive Ladies Club has a goal to be of service to others, improve the prevailing social, cultural, physical environment and to promote humanitarian services and social sustenance. We strive to become responsible ‘Change Agents’ in our community.

We are a local not for profit club and the constituent of Manthan Foundation. The motto, “Refining the Sustenance” is fundamental to what it means to be a member of the Progressive Ladies Club.

Besides supporting local charities, we deal with broader issues of the times. The most significant benefits of belonging to Progressive Ladies Club are the support, encouragement, comfort, enthusiasm, creativity, and friendship. These benefits are shared by club women from all walks of life, with varied perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and different experiences.

Vision Statement
To promote social sustenance and to serve the humanity selflessly.

Mission Statement
To empower women to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and to refine the sustenance through Progressive Ladies Club.

Reach Us: 9571049299, 9509219249