Skills Development

The objective of Manthan Foundation under skills development drive is to construct a workforce equipped with the essential and incessantly improved skills, knowledge and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure national competitiveness in the dynamic global market. The main aim is to increase the productivity and employability of workforce both in the organized and unorganized sectors.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) "Skills development is of key importance in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution in facilitating the transition from an informal to formal economy. It is also essential to address the opportunities and challenges to meet new demands of changing economics and new technologies in the context of globalization."

To increase the significance with future employment market including promotion of self employment, Soft skills and entrepreneurship skills will be made integral part of skill development.


  1. . Developing the efficiency and living standards of the individuals & producing globally competent workforce.
  2. . Liaising increased investment in skills development.
  3. . Promoting institution based skills development through Professional & Vocational Training programmes.
  4. . Implementing initiatives of sectoral skills development organized by different ministries/departments.
  5. . Formal and informal apprenticeships and other types of training for self-employment /entrepreneurial development.

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